New Mexico Labradoodles is dedicated to breeding healthy and well-balanced Labradoodles. There is a long history of breeding dogs in our family. I grew up in northern New Mexico. My mother was a breeder of Poodles for 30 years in and around Santa Fe.  I learned so much during the years my mother bred Poodles and I still draw on those experiences today.

New Mexico Labradoodles has had a small breeding program since 2003. We began breeding Labradoodles out of the intense love for these gentle and intelligent animals. We specialize in breeding multigeneration medium size Labradoodles that have low to non shedding coats. All our breeding dogs are carefully selected for temperament and health. Our dogs must pass our strict health testing before breeding. We continue to breed allergy friendly dogs with non to low shedding coats that are very intuitive with gentle and mellow temperaments and easy to train.

Our breeding program has provided dogs that are a pure joy and love to the families who adopted from us. The dogs have loving personalities that warm your heart and soul.

All our Labradoodle dogs and puppies get the best quality individual care and training. 

We are proud to provide our dogs and puppies a loving environment where they live with family. We only breed each dog for a few of their prime years and then they retire, 2-3 litters.

For more information or questions, email us. 

Or call me at 505-453-2970. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for me to respond.

Michele Haas – Proud Breeder of Exceptional Labradoodles


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